Announcement: Website Closure

    By Raap,

    Hey guys, since the merger into OWND is completed and MI remains officially "dead", I've decided to pull the plug out of The website will stay online until the end of this month.

    If "we" ever return to any version of Darkfall, then I will begin a new project entirely and MI will remain a thing of the past.

    I hope people enjoyed MI while we had a game to call home as a community, and my thanks to all members both past and present for the fun times we had!


    - Regards,



    Update: In the light of keeping communication open (since some people never get on TS or Steam...), I'll keep this website running for one additional month, closing it near the end of May.

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    A Wild News Post Appears!

    By Raap,


    Darkfall EU Community Project in BDO


    The front page has gone without an official update in quite a while, mainly because we've been busy both playing Black Desert Online, but also because we've re-organised a lot, so it is about time a new post was written! 

    In order to keep a long story short, here is what happened since the last news post; Mischievous Intentions as it was previously known, no longer exists. We have decided that, following our departure from Darkfall Unholy Wars, to no longer continue with the guild as we previously did. A lot of MI members still play Black Desert Online, and little has really changed in terms of our core group, but we decided to let the MI name go in favor of creating a new "Black Desert Online - Darkfall EU Cross-Guild Community Project". This is a mouth full of words for something that basically comes down to: Some Darkfall EU players formed a new guild specifically for Black Desert Online.

    This new guild for Black Desert Online, appropriately named "RNGsus" due to the games heavy dependance on luck, currently has 27 members, and we will soon begin openly recruiting for it. The game is quite solid despite concerns from some (former-) MI members that the game would flop. So far the ride has been fun even though we certainly didn't take the route we planned to take, and although MI is officially "dead", the core players are currently contributing towards making the new BDO guild work.

    As for the website, we will continue keeping it online for the foreseeable future. It might get changed to suit our new needs for BDO, or we keep it as an archive until we no longer use it. In other words, no firm decision has been made regarding to the website.

    We hope to see any last remaining fence-sitters join us with the new guild project in BDO!

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    Upcoming Main Game: Black Desert

    By Raap,

    Black Desert

    Black Desert will be our new home in 2016


    After a lengthy period of debate and checking out our MMORPG gaming options, we are happy to finally officially announce Black Desert to be Mischievous Intentions' main game for next year. We considered several alternative options, including Albion Online, but most of our players had strong reasons for not enjoying those alternatives. Ultimately, Black Desert won the debate by being a much more broadly appealing game, and it satisfies most needs for a competitive PvP sandbox guild, not to mention that it is quite easy on the eyes as well.

    Some of our members were fortunate enough to have been able to participate in the first closed beta event, and based on the feedback we've received from these players, we're confident enough to make the decision to focus our attention on Black Desert. The game has enough to offer in it's current form to keep us busy for a while; From innovative PvE mechanics, to conquest-driven Guild vs. Guild gameplay. For many players there will be a few similarities to Darkfall, as well as other games such as ArcheAge and GuildWars 2.

    Mischievous Intentions will begin working on launch-day preparations as soon as Black Desert has an official launch date, currently it has a tentative launch date for the first quarter of 2016. Once a date is finalized, the member's section of the forum will start seeing some changes, including some guides and our launch plans. During the second and final closed beta phase early next year more details will be finalized, so keep an eye on the forums!

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    Website Updated

    By Raap,

    The website software upgrade has been completed. My apologies for the downtime, there were a few issues that needed to be resolved following the software update. Nearly everything should be working fine again now, although you will no doubt notice the lack of a chatbox. The creator of that application has yet to update his creation for this version of IPB. The chatbox will return as soon as it or an alternative becomes available.

    The website update has solved various issues, such as strange post counts and emoticons not appearing. If you do find a bug, let me know in the comments or on TeamSpeak.

    Update 1: The chatbox is back!

    Update 2: I finally got around working on the Guild Information page. It's not very flashy but the content is at least finally on there.

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