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New TS3 Server

25 Apr 2015

Posted by Raap In: News

Quick notice: We are changing to a different, and hopefully more secure TS3 server. The old server was too vulnerable to DDOS attacks and also suffered from occasional strange behaviour.


The new server is provided by Wilby, and you can find the new server information inside the member's forum section.

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Invaders of the North

10 Apr 2015

Posted by Raap In: News



The northern invasion was repelled, but the war continues.



Our conquest of the desert continent of Rubayiat finally met a blockade in the most unlikely of locations; The denizens that call the northern icy region of Niflheim their home have taken an interest in our land of sand, daring to set foot on our ground after openly declaring war on our realm. Strongly believing that the best defence is a good offense, Mischievous Intentions successfully sieged the hamlet of Khanruk, taking claim of a small region of the northern ice continent and escalating the conflict, while depriving them from regional benefits within their own home borders.


In an attempt to retaliate, the pitiful northlings dared to declare a siege on our city of Ul'Sulak, the northern shore based city. Bold claims were made by the invaders, and they brought their entire army to the land of sand, along with several mercenary groups. Outnumbered but not outgunned, and by using superior tactics, the few brave Mischievous Intentions sand warriors successfully repelled the invaders by destroying their siege stones using a well prepared artillery strike from the nearby mountains, and getting out of the conflict zone before the invaders knew what hit them.


Ul'Sulak was successfully defended in only minutes of time, and with zero casualties on our side. In their retreat, the invaders left behind spoils of war; Enough gold to call the attack profitable for us!

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Land of Sand

27 Mar 2015

Posted by Raap In: News


The desert continent of Rubaiyat has one thing in abundance... Sand.


The conquest of the desert continent continues at a steady pace. With Elharrat, Ul'Sulak, Khardendak en Ul'Hamra now belonging to MI, we are down to one final target on the continent; Moherah. The road so far has been met with surprisingly few blockades, making our campaign progress remarkably quickly and without much complications.

Plans are already being put in place to look beyond the land of sand and to extend our reach - within reason, and matching our capacity. Without a doubt, interesting times are coming, and lines are being drawn as clans seek to align themselves with the side they believe will win the coming conflicts. Each passing day we continue to progress steadily on all fronts towards our next objectives, and it won't be long until we begin our second phase of conquest.

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Welcome to Elharrat... Again?!

12 Mar 2015

Posted by Raap In: News


Welcome to the city of Elharrat... Again?!

Last night Mischievous Intentions (re-)claimed Elharrat, the city located on the west part of the desert continent of Rubayiat, or more commonly referred to as simply 'ruby'. Although we did not plan to take this city as our first holding, events simply unfolded this way and now we're back in the city a lot of us actually constructed during the launch of Darkfall Unholy Wars. So while some may say it's good to be back home in the game, for others it is certainly a little ironic to find ourselves back in the same location where a lot of us left the game last time. In a way, it's picking up right where we left off, and that's exactly what we'll be doing.
For the time being, this city will serve as our main base of operations. We will use it to craft and train, but it will also act as a primary staging ground for things to come. It is positioned relatively close to a Portal Chamber for teleportation across the game, and it also offers several additional benefits. The current expectation is that the city will for fill our needs for the time being, but no doubt those needs will change over time. In the meantime, be sure to cover your eyes and mouth, Elharrat has a sandstorm problem.

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