Website Updated

    By Raap,

    The website software upgrade has been completed. My apologies for the downtime, there were a few issues that needed to be resolved following the software update. Nearly everything should be working fine again now, although you will no doubt notice the lack of a chatbox. The creator of that application has yet to update his creation for this version of IPB. The chatbox will return as soon as it or an alternative becomes available.

    The website update has solved various issues, such as strange post counts and emoticons not appearing. If you do find a bug, let me know in the comments or on TeamSpeak.

    Update 1: The chatbox is back!

    Update 2: I finally got around working on the Guild Information page. It's not very flashy but the content is at least finally on there.

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    Time for Plan... C?

    By Raap,

    With some regret and disappointment, we are 'formally' closing our Guild Wars 2 adventure before we ever really got it off the ground. Our efforts in doing something within this game were notable, but ultimately without the results we hoped to achieve. Among the various critical factors that contributed to this was a severe plague of disconnects that to this day still exists within the game, as well as a lack of recruitment. Perhaps it was the game, or perhaps our hearts were simply not in it, either way it didn't work out.

    But while a few of us will continue to play Guild Wars 2 occasionally on the side, most of us, given the lack of an MMORPG to play, decided to return to Darkfall... Again. No matter how hard we try to find a different game to play, the reality is that Darkfall continues to have zero competition in the MMO market for the PvP sub-genre, and quite frankly, Guild Wars 2 was too different a beast for most of our members, who prefer a more consequential sandbox to fill their MMO needs.

    For now, on the far horizon lies another potential alternative plan, in the event our Darkfall itch wears off again, and it goes by the name of Black Desert. But this is an unproven Korean title, and at this time not much can be said about it. Time will tell how long we can stick with Darkfall this time, or if something else worth playing comes along... As unlikely as that seems!

    ... See you in Darkfall, again...

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    Guild Wars 2 Recruitment Effort

    By Raap,


    The Guild Wars 2 project continues.


    Starting Friday September 11th during the World vs. World match reset (which begins around 8:00 PM GMT), Mischievous Intentions will go into a week long World vs. World session in order to get our name out there, and kickstart our recruitment effort. So far we've taken it easy with the game for various reasons, one among them being that we needed some time to get our feet on the ground. But things are steady now, and so we are ready for the next step in Guild Wars 2.

    Further more, Friday will be the first time that we will participate in a server meeting, in order to make us a bigger part of the ongoing World vs. World efforts on Vabbi. From here on forward we will also regularly start using the community TeamSpeak server, in order to play as a stronger and more coordinated fighting force, as well as use it as a medium to recruit additional players into our ranks.

    Be aware however that we will not be seeking to mass-recruit, and our focus will remain on people we can play with on a social level. This means the primary focus will be on age and TeamSpeak communication, similarly to how we recruited for Darkfall Unholy Wars. As of right now, recruitment of 'casuals' or 'socials' is still on the 'bonus objectives' list, and not a primary goal.

    Thanks for reading and see you in-game!

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    The Darkfall Chapter Closes

    By Raap,

    It's been a long time coming, but we have made the decision to pull the plug on officially supporting Darkfall. I suppose it ultimately comes down to logging into a game while no longer being able to enjoy it, but Aventurine developer Axilmar's latest posts really sealed the deal. According to his recent posts, Aventurine will not solve the EU server's problems, so we decided to permanently drop Darkfall as a game we support. A couple of people may remain, but MI will no longer be playing Darkfall in any official capacity. We will instead play Guild Wars 2, and we're also looking forward to trying upcoming new releases.

    We see this move like putting down your favorite pet dog, you loved the animal dearly but it's continued suffering became unbearable. This is the decision we had to make, a lot of us still love what Darkfall once was, but it's just a memory now, as playing the current game is only prolonging it's miserable existence, and our own frustrations with it. We hope our energy can be used in a more positive manner in other games, after all, gaming is supposed to be a fun hobby and not a drama show.

    Thanks to all our opponents in the game, perhaps we'll see each other again in a different battlefield!


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