By Raap,

The new website software is now up and running... And as you can see, I got some work to do on the configuring side of it, while trying not to break it. Priority will go to functionality, once everything is back in place, I'll go ahead and work on a new design.

The forum is working as it always did and all your posts are still there, all account information is still the same as well.

Thank you for your patience while I work on the rest!

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By Raap,

Quick notice: We will be upgrading to a new version of the IPS package sometime next week. After this upgrade, expect some things to not function anymore, and some things to look quite a bit different. The important part here is however that all forum data will remain intact.


The website will go down for some time following the update, in order to allow me to fix various things. Stay up-to-date on this process by joining us on TeamSpeak!

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By Raap,



The latest threat to the guild has been eliminated.

Today marks the end of another conflict, as our enemies once again lie broken on the battlefield (and on the forums). The Brotherhood aided the traitor clan Friendly Fire, and for doing so they paid the ultimate price of complete obliteration. They are without homes, without pride, without anything at all, and following a crushing defeat at their capital city of Alberworth, they have now vanished off the face of Agon.

The traitor clan Friendly Fire and their fellow conspirators within Bad Company have been granted mercy for abandoning Brotherhood in their hour of need. The traitors have therefore been banished to the cold north of Niflheim and Lost Untilik, where they shall pose no further threat to the guild or our friends.

Our attention now shifts elsewhere, towards some unfinished business. We hope to resolve remaining matters before fall arrives (that bloody economy patch, if you didn't get it).

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By Raap,



Game over for Darkfall Online.

After a several months long painful wait for answers on questions that originated from the confusion and doubt spread amongst the player base by Axilmar, a Darkfall Unholy Wars development team member, the Aventurine CEO Zad Mehdawi finally made the official announcement today in a PR-speech. The post confirmed that Darkfall Online will not be returning, and that all development attention will return to Darkfall Unholy Wars.

Prior to today's announcement a lot of players struggled to find the motivation to continue playing Darkfall Unholy Wars, being unsure if there was any point in doing so, as a Darkfall Online re-launch would split up the player base further and potentially cause Darkfall Unholy Wars servers to merge, with a strong potential for server wipes in the process. Today this issue is finally resolved, and we can all leave Darkfall Online behind us and focus on the current version of the game instead.
In other news, the economy update should arrive within the next few weeks, this update will change the game in many ways, and will include a soft-wipe on existing crafting materials by introducing completely new ones. For all the details on this upcoming update, read the official Darkfall forum's various threads dedicated to it.


[update, Monday June 15th] Apparantly the original freaky PR-speech message was the wrong message Icy Wave posted on Saturday. Today, the CEO himself made a new post and deleted the old one. This post can be found by clicking here. The overall message remains the same; Darkfall Online will not return.

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    • Another Asian MMO: Black Desert
      By Raap · Posted
      Seems I picked the best timing to start watching this one: They officially opened their office in Europe (Netherlands). Side note, the website I linked is not their official website, as one does not yet exist.
    • Another Asian MMO: Black Desert
      By Raap · Posted
      Korean account is 9$ on some website, but I'm going to wait for it to get into beta in the West, supposedly this will happen later this year. Recent developments in the Korean version are worrisome however, according to: The developer has stated however, that the Western version will be different, closer to their original vision. FF14's lack of PvP content is a no-go for me, I've already got plenty of PvE MMO's to pick from; WoW, ESO, GW2, Rift. Doesn't mean I won't at some point try it though, but it does not have the capacity to become a 'main MMO' for me like Darkfall once was. I need an immersive sandbox world to cut me loose from Darkfall.
    • Another Asian MMO: Black Desert
      By Kror · Posted
      I've been playing FF14 for the past weeks. The story is very solid and so far has been enough to keep me playing. I don't dislike the dungeons, nor the gameplay in general, I'd just like to see a bigger focus in PvP.
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